Maintenance Free Living

Maintenance-FreeWe understand that your time is precious and that you no longer want to spend it on the external maintenance of your home.  You have likely been spending way too much money on your normal home maintenance expenses, such as landscaping, snow removal, gutter cleaning and so on.  Most people have been buying these services on an individual basis and paying top dollar.  In addition, you may have been spending a large sum on HOA fees.  The Retreat on Stony Creek will have Maintenance Free Living.  By pooling these costs and using shared services, we will be able to provide all of the regular home maintenance expenses at a significant discount.  Our Maintenance Free Living package will include the following expenses:

HOA Dues – Common Area Maintenance

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance:

  • Spring Clean-up – One time per year
  • Grass Cutting – weekly
  • Fertilizer – weed & feed – Four (4) applications
  • Weeding – bed maintenance – Weekly
  • Trimming – trees & bushes Two (2) times per year (Spring & Fall)
  • Fall Clean-up – One time per year
  • Rake & remove leaves – One time per year

Gutter Cleaning – one time per year

Snow Removal Driveway and walk-way – as needed


All services will be provided by licensed, insured, experienced Professionals.