Featured Builders

Stony Creek Homes, LLC

Stony Creek Homes LLC is engaged in the creation of new, “age targeted” communities, serving Baby Boomers and early Retirees.

They focus on a growing market of active adults seeking to right-size their homes with highly custom amenities that employ all of the latest technologies, energy efficiency, and universal design practices that support age in place objectives.  Visit Stony Creek Homes at https://www.stonycreekhomesllc.com/

John Hall Custom Homes, a featured builder, will work with you to create your dream home, whether your reason is to downsize, create a home that will allow you the ability to age gracefully in place, meet specific needs, or just to create your Vacation Home From Your Vacation Home.

You will find that there are a wide variety of gorgeous Ranch, Hillside Ranch, First Floor Masters and other great concepts that will work for you and for your family. Click the image below to visit the John Hall Custom Homes website for more information on how he designs his custom homes and examples of other homes he’s built.

JHCH Ranch Style


Visit the John Hall Custom Homes website for more examples of his home designs.